Practicum Course Documents

Please follow these steps to complete your evaluation:
1. Complete the online self-evaluation of your performance. Use this link to access the evaluation:

2. Calculate your hours and submit your time and attendance sheet to your GSFC Manager (ask a building supervisor to put it in your Manager's mailbox if your Manager is not available right then). Be certain you have correctly added all of your hours and provided a final total so that your professional supervisor can easily verify the hours you completed. This Timesheet Check tool can be a helpful reference to ensure your hours are added properly.

3. Schedule your exit meeting with your Practicum Professor. When you attend the meeting, you must bring your activity log and final paper. Refer to your Practicum syllabus for details on these academic materials.

Failure to do take these actions within one week of completing your required 30 hours can result in a reduction of your grade for Practicum.


Work Experience Course Documents

Note: If you receive an "error" message when trying to download any of these items, please click "okay" several times and the document will open. Thanks!

Work Experience Application

Work Experience Learning Agreement

Work Experience Agreement Form (To be used if you cannot complete your Work Experience Learning Agreement in time for the Good Luck Meeting)

Work Experience Evaluation

Work Experience Syllabus

Work Experience Special Project Rubric