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Saturday, 16 August 2014


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Our scheduled guests on POW/MIA Radio for Sunday, August 17, 2014 are:


2:00pm Mtn – News and Views:  An hour of the latest POW/MIA and veterans issues.


3:00pm Mtn – OPEN SHOW:  We will open the mike for listeners to discuss POW/MIA, veterans issues and current events.  Our call-in number is 877-254-7524.


4:00pm Mtn – Mr. Mike Benge:  We will be discussing Mike’s experience in Southeast Asia, the current situation with the Montagnard people in Vietnam and current events.  Former POW and USAID worker, Mike served in the US Marines in the late 1950s, completed his undergraduate work in Agricultural Engineering at Oregon State University in 1962 before joining the International Voluntary Services (pre-Peace Corps) in 1963.  He worked  in the Central Highlands in South Vietnam before joining the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), serving as Provincial Development Officer.  During the Tet Offensive in January, 1968, while rescuing other Americans, Mike was captured near Ban Me Thout.  He received the State Department’s highest award for heroism for his efforts.  For the next five years he was held in various camps and prisons in South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and the “Hanoi Hilton” in North Vietnam.  He was finally released during Operation Homecoming on March 5, 1973, 40 years ago!  Since then, Mike has completed a Master’s Degree in Agroforestry, received an award from the King of Sweden and has championed the causes of indigenous peoples, such as our Montagnard allies, of Vietnam.  He has been a staunch activist for POW/MIA and other important political issues. 


It’s available now!


Ms. Lynn O'Shea, Director of Research, National Alliance of Families, the much respected leader in the POW/MIA community, has announced the publication of her book, Abandoned In Place, The Men We Left Behind and the Untold Story of Operation Pocket Change, the Joint Special Operations Command Planned Rescue of American POWs Held in Laos Six Years After the End of the Vietnam War.  Amazon.com is available for orders now! Or, please go to the Alliance web site, http://www.nationalalliance.org  or GOOGLE her book, Abandoned in Place to find her blog site.


Our friend, Mr. Bob Smith, has officially made his Formal Declaration of Candidacy for the US Senate in New Hampshire and is working hard to be re-elected.  He was a staunch supporter of our POW/MIAs when he was co-chairman of the Senate Select Committee back in the early 1990s.  He continues to remain active in the issue and will make our missing Americans a priority when elected.  Search for Bob Smith in your browser.


Thanks to our sponsors for this sponsorship period:


The National Alliance of Families

Mr. Earl Wood – In honor of four missing Milwaukee area Soldiers and Marines

Ms. Mary Videen – In honor of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Anonymous – In honor of SSGT John C. Keiper, USMC, lost in South Vietnam, November 15, 1966

Mr. Larry J. O’Daniel, author, Trails of Deceit





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