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Monday, 20 October 2014


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Our scheduled guests on POW/MIA Radio for Sunday, October 19, 2014 are:


2:00pm Mountain � Mr. John LeBoutillier: With mid-term elections only a couple of weeks away, John will discuss the possible outcomes of key races, �the political effects of growing fear over ISIS, Ebola, an aimless Administration, a President who has become solely a Fundraiser-in-Chief and a world steadily descending into chaos.  John is a former congressman from New York, long time POW/MIA advocate, author and has written columns for NewsMax.  Mr. LeBoutillier is also a nationally recognized political commentator,  a prolific writer who has contributed to many major newspapers and magazines and a frequent commentator, host, and guest of several media programs.  He can be seen on Fox News on Sunday and Monday when he moderates Political Insiders with guests Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell.  Visit http://live.foxnews.com/  for more information on his Fox News broadcasts.  You can also follow John on the net, see Boots Blasts at his blogspot, http://leboutillier.blogspot.com/ .


3:00pm Mountain � Mr. Robert K. Wilcox:  We will be discussing the paperback update to his blockbuster book, �Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton�, current events articles from his web site and his other recent books.  As an author, journalist and screenwriter, Mr. Wilcox has written extensively on military subjects.  He has appeared on many television shows including the History Channel and Oliver North�s War Stories.  Was General Patton�s outspoken criticism of his superiors and the Russians cause for his death?  In �Target Patton�, Bob�s research reveals damning evidence that the famous general was murdered in a heinous assassination plot. We will also review other books written by Mr. Wilcox including, �The Truth About the Shroud of Turin� and �Scream of Eagles�.   To learn more about Bob, his articles and books, please visit his web site:  http://www.robertkwilcox.com/ .


4:00pm Mountain � News and Views:  An hour of the latest POW/MIA and veterans issues.


It�s available now!


Ms. Lynn O'Shea, Director of Research, National Alliance of Families, the much respected leader in the POW/MIA community, has announced the publication of her book, Abandoned In Place, The Men We Left Behind and the Untold Story of Operation Pocket Change, the Joint Special Operations Command Planned Rescue of American POWs Held in Laos Six Years After the End of the Vietnam War.  Amazon.com is available for orders now! Or, please go to the Alliance web site, http://www.nationalalliance.org  or GOOGLE her book, Abandoned in Place to find her blog site.


Thanks to our sponsors for this sponsorship period:


The National Alliance of Families

Mr. Earl Wood � In honor of four missing Milwaukee area Soldiers and Marines

Ms. Mary Videen � In honor of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Anonymous � In honor of SSGT John C. Keiper, USMC, lost in South Vietnam, November 15, 1966

Mr. Larry J. O�Daniel, author, Trails of Deceit


Listen to POW/MIA Radio every Sunday, worldwide, on The American Freedom Network http://www.americanewsnet.com .  We also broadcast locally from KHNC-AM, 1360khz, Johnstown, Colorado.  If you are unable to receive the show on the network's website as listed in your favorites, please delete that bookmark and re-enter the URL in your browser address line.  Please note our listener call-in number, 1-877-254-7524.








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