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Friday, 20 February 2015


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H. Res. 231

POWs & MIAs: Why?


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20 February 2015


Mr. Jerry Mooney

- Former USAF MSgt and analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA).



 The POW and MIA Issue
Abandoned in Place available now!
Abandoned In Place Abandoned in Place is a very powerful and heart wrenching book. AiP is extremely well researched and written book about the abandonment of American troops from the war in Southeast Asia.  I highly recommend you get this book and take the time to, not just read, but study it.  Be forewarned, you will be moved!    http://www.abandonedinplaceblog.com


House Resolution 231 (H. Res. 231)

To Establish, in the House of Representatives, a Select Committee on POW and MIA Affairs
H. Res. 231 resolves to establish, in the House of Representatives, a select committee on POW and MIA affairs. The select committee shall conduct a full investigation of all unresolved matters relating to any United States personnel unaccounted for from the Vietnam era, the Korean conflict, World War II, Cold War Missions, Persian Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or Operation Enduring Freedom, including MIA's and POW's missing and captured.


H.Res. 231 Update

 09 Nov 2015 - The bill died in committee.  Our POWs and MIAs abandoned for yet another year.

22 May 2013: The fight goes on.  Representative Michele Bachman (MN) has picked up where Peter King (NY) left off at the end of the last Congressional Session.  She has introduced H. Res. 231 in the House of Representatives.

Click on the H. Res. 231 link to learn more about our efforts to establish a select committee on POW and MIA affairs in the House of Representatives.  This critical committee is needed to help investigate all unresolved matters relating to American military personnel who remain unaccounted for from conflicts past and present.


This Just In
There is a new book about the POW and MIA issue about to be published.
Abandoned In Place

'Abandoned in Place' provides a glimpse at events relating to the POW and MIA issue between 27 January 1973, when the Paris Peace Accords were signed and the recent disclosure of JPAC's POW/MIA repatriation ceremonies sham.  The crux of this book is "Operation Pocket Change", a little known story about the planned rescue of POWs held in Laos six years after the end of the Vietnam war.

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Notable Literature

If you would like to read a few books on the POW and MIA issue, start with the titles below.  Click here for more info!

                         -- Mike


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