Pennsylvania's POWs and MIAs



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  • To bring our men back to American soil, where they belong.
  • To assist families of the missing American military personnel, as well as friends, in achieving the fullest possible accounting from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and from cold war incidents.
  • To ensure our future soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that if they go into harms way for us -- that they will not suffer the same fate as the 83, 000+ who remain missing, if they are captured by our enemies.  That we will do everything within our power to see that they are returned home.
  • To educate the public about the plight of our POWs and MIAs from all wars and to put pressure on Governments for the fullest possible accounting.

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10/31/16: The remains of Altoona, PA native Private First Class Nicholas J. Cancilla, United States Marine Corps, have been identified.  PFC Cancilla was buried in his hometown on 7 Nov. 2016.  PFC Cancilla has been missing in action since 20 Nov. 1943 and was believed to have been killed during the initial assault on Tarawa.
The remains of Black Lick, PA native Master Sgt. Richard Davis, United States Army, have been identified and are being returned home to his family.  MSgt Davis has been missing in action since November 1950.   Davis was reported to have been captured and held in prison camp 5, but died in February or March 1951.

01/22/16: Hummelstown native Corporal Kenneth Stuck, missing in action since November 1950, is finally returning home to be with his family. See PennLive article for more information.